4 interesting facts about Moskov Mobile Legends (ML), For Revenge

4 interesting facts about Moskov Mobile Legends (ML), For Revenge

Moskov was released on Mobile Legends in mid-February 2017 with the MM role. Moskov has been popular in the past and still is today due to his complex and fearsome late-game skills.

There are some interesting facts about this one hero, these facts will not bore you because they are very interesting. Below are interesting facts about Moskov Mobile Legends (ML):

1. Moscow inspiration

Moskov’s design was inspired by Veigar in LOL, his second ability came from Vayne LOL while Moskov’s passive was inspired by Templar Assassin in DOTA 2.

2nd surgery to date

Thanks to Skill One and Skill Two, Moskov has managed to maintain its popularity to this day. Combo Skill 1 and 2 Moskov is very OP, especially during late game, Moskov’s DPS will be very big and hard to kill. So if you need mm that can help increase rank just use Moskov.

3. Ultimate Depth

Moskov is the first hero to have the longest range ability, which is a card. This skill is good when used by players with strong instincts. But now the hero with the longest reach has stepped up, namely Xavier.

4. Has a relationship with Khaleed

Khaleed and Moskov are warriors and troop leaders from the Emerlard Road. Because Khaleed is more popular than Moskov and that makes Moskov jealous and determined to show his skills by facing Khufra. But, alas, all of Moskov’s troops and families died in the battle mentioned by Moskov. Because of tumultuous grudges, Moskov surrendered his soul to the Abyss and was revived in revenge.

Khaleed, hearing that Moskow had died, led troops to fight against Khufra. After a fierce battle and success in persuading Khufra to retreat. At the same time, Moskov slowly emerged from the darkness.

So those are 4 interesting facts about Moskov Mobile Legends (ML). What do you think about Moscow? Are there any other interesting facts? Write your opinion and don’t forget to visit Gamedaim for interesting information about other game worlds

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